Saturday, July 16, 2011

Philo Beddoe Reunion 2011

Those who've heard need only show up to experience one of the chillest good times events in these gold studded foothills of Northern California. From near and far over a single weekend in August weary two-wheeled travelers converge on the little slice of roadside heaven known as the Afterhours Honkeytonk.

Not a public wellhouse, rather a private drinking Club, the Honkeytonk has fed and entertained many a thirsty vagabond of taste and intrigue. You see, Gabe and crew do not take friendly to your typical roadhouse clientele. Farbeit from him to serve up a drafty, frigid pint to a fringe wearing electric start land pirate, Gabe demands that his customers be friends first, and garage built vintage chopper freaks second. All other types (sportbikers, H.O.G. riders, and vespa drivers) won't even be able to find the place. That's right friends, the legendary Afterhours Honkeytonk, like those swanky speakeasys of almost a century ago, is not for everyone. It's only for the chosen few who know its locale, and can handle the weight of its myth.

If you're up for the time of your life, replete with the finest of spirits and the savoriest of meats (not to mention the most sumptuous baked goods this side of the Yuba), then head on out for the Philo, a family reunion where if you're friends, you're family. Throwbacks'll see you there!

Click here for The Philo on Chopcult

Monday, July 11, 2011

Flyin' Irons Bike Show/Horseshoe Tournament

A little event up here in nearby Nevada City thrown by some friends of Throwbacks. Saturday, 13 August, sign ups at 11, tournament starts at high noon. Two-man (term used loosely) teams, entry is $20, half price if you ride in. Half off that if you're two-up and same gender from what I hear! Click the picture or this LINK for more details: