Friday, July 30, 2010

GV Roll-in 2010

More great photos of this year's GV Roll-in by others are turning up. Here's a couple by one of my favorite local photographers, Sarah Butcher. Check her work out here:

The subjects are a couple of recent Sportster builds by my friend lil Mike of the Sacto crew. In the last year, in addition to these two featured, he's recently finished his own stellar panhead chopper, which he rode to the GV Roll-in.

lil Mike eschews the influence of others (to include the internet) in his builds, preferring instead to follow the whims of his own imagination. This unique approach, much like that of the builders holed up in heated garages in the pacific northwest, Sweden, and other lands of long nights, shows in everything that falls under his torch and hammer. His attention to how the details of a machine combine into the whole defines the style of the build. The parts tell the story, and so far each has a happy ending.

lil Mike finished this delightful Ironhead last summer, and Dan, the lucky new owner has been tearing up the twisties all across NorCal since.

This Late model Evo Sportster was finished in time for a 1000 mile shake down run to Born Free 2 earlier this summer. Its new owner, Jay, rides it like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps he's right?!

Look for more on lil Mike's insane and wonderful creations in future episodes. While the photography may not be as good as these, you will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GV Roll-in Part 2

Others in attendance at the GV Roll-in this year brought cameras and oodles more talent than I can muster.

Photos courtesy of Blue Collar Moto, who made an epic ride camp four nighter out of his trip up:

Jason's Wanderlust:

Lil Mike's panhead dreamscape:

Some great photos courtesy of Holly:

The digs in Rough and Ready


We're gonna eat you, piggy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A cool detail shot of Ronnies Ironhead. Taken by Sarah Butcher a killer photographer that some of us met in Nevada City. We invited her and her hubby Don to a Throwback Thursday. They came out, she snapped a few photos that you see here. Really great eye for sure. Check her out at Thanks Sarah, you rule!

Jareds righteous Triumph!


Detail shot of my XS

Cool shot of some friends on a badass FXR.

What it's all about...

My wife's grandfater on the far left and a couple of his riding buddies. The guy on the far right was killed about a month after this photo was taken and the kat in the center sold his bike after that. My Gpa in-law rode up to about 10 or so years ago. One hell of a man.
A cool shot from Freemont Dragstrip @ 67. A bike built by my uncle in his basement. He used a plumbob and the floor joyces to lay out the frame on the basement floor. The rider is Dave Schwerma?? the writing on the photo has faded. According to my uncle the bike/rider broke more than a couple of records at that track. I'd kill to have that helmet!

BUB International Speed Trials

It's that time again, the salt will tremble and records will fall. I've talked Jared into going (I think) this year and helping me maintain order in pre-stage. Came across some photos from my first trip in '07. Marty Dickerson, in his 80's first run of the morning and set a new record...WTF?? Got to talk to him a bit, hell of a neat man. Some other random shots as well. Also a photo of me and Jason Britton from Speed Channels Street bike show. I had been filmed checking his bike over in scrutineering so I had my 15 sec. of fame.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

GV Roll-in 2010

Folsom Steve enjoying Beer:30


The GV Roll-In this year was another great time. Folks came in from all around with a great contingent headed up by Shrewgy from ACE Skateboard Trucks. Some really wicked scoots and the rad people that ride them, and some skateboard stuff as well. Camped out in the town of Rough and Ready, some headed to the river to swim to beat the heat, others put down some Beer:30 and babysat the gritty piggy roasting in its subterranean grave. All had a great time.

Friday, July 16, 2010

GV Roll-in 2010

So this year's GV Roll-in is shaping up to be killer. Most have their plans together and will begin the festivities at 11am Saturday at Foothill Custom Cycle, Grass Valley Ave., Grass Valley, CA. Get out of the heat and ride up to the real Gold Country.

The GV "Roll-out" will get you back to I-80 on Sunday morning while showcasing a few miles of great gold country backroads. Put your ear to the ground on Saturday night for details. I heard some guy on a black Triumph is organizing it. Check the route here:

View GV Roll out in a larger map