Friday, July 30, 2010

GV Roll-in 2010

More great photos of this year's GV Roll-in by others are turning up. Here's a couple by one of my favorite local photographers, Sarah Butcher. Check her work out here:

The subjects are a couple of recent Sportster builds by my friend lil Mike of the Sacto crew. In the last year, in addition to these two featured, he's recently finished his own stellar panhead chopper, which he rode to the GV Roll-in.

lil Mike eschews the influence of others (to include the internet) in his builds, preferring instead to follow the whims of his own imagination. This unique approach, much like that of the builders holed up in heated garages in the pacific northwest, Sweden, and other lands of long nights, shows in everything that falls under his torch and hammer. His attention to how the details of a machine combine into the whole defines the style of the build. The parts tell the story, and so far each has a happy ending.

lil Mike finished this delightful Ironhead last summer, and Dan, the lucky new owner has been tearing up the twisties all across NorCal since.

This Late model Evo Sportster was finished in time for a 1000 mile shake down run to Born Free 2 earlier this summer. Its new owner, Jay, rides it like there's no tomorrow. Perhaps he's right?!

Look for more on lil Mike's insane and wonderful creations in future episodes. While the photography may not be as good as these, you will not be disappointed.


  1. hi, do you have more picture of the ironhead of "lil mike" ?

  2. More will be included in future posts. Check back for updates!