Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Sinner goes down!

A week ago Sunday on a beautiful afternoon, a root bump in the road took its toll on cycle and rider. Troop's baby suffered moderate damage, and his body is intact. Left side pipe, handlebars, and clutch lever destroyed. Motor mount plates are bent. Troop escaped after a high side dismount with a sprained ankle.

Some minor repairs are in order, and are underway. That old helmet did its job, thanks to Billy and Rachel at Hellmutts in Tacoma.
Keep the faith!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pop's and Troop's Annual Birthday Ride Feb 9th, 2013

Tired of waiting for winter to be over? So are we! Every year we get our cranky bones and tired sickles out of deep freeze to celebrate a double birthday with the best wish two crusty sickle brothers could ask for: A blast through the hills with our best friends.

So join your friendly neighborhood Throwbacks for a jaunt into the hills and dales of Nevada County, replete with icy corners and sandy washes. 

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Ride alone, come 2-up, or rally the masses for a gas in the passes. See you there!