Sunday, February 27, 2011

Paul's Bloody Nose For Sale!

Paul from the Deathtraps MC is selling his Pre-Unit Chopper, the Bloody Nose. Bid early, bid often, she's a gem and has raced all up and down this great state over the last handful of years. Some super rad period mods make this Thunderbird a super scoot. Check it out here

and here

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vor's Unfinished Projects Show

Vorhese threw his first Unfinished Projects show last Saturday in the wet and wild city of San Francisco. Throwbacks had a blast, Joe public had a blast. While it rained all day, GalleryMoto SF was high and dry on the second floor. Turn out was massive, packing the gallery and bringing together the sleazy greasy old bike set alongside the highbrow art and fashion set. Not a natural mix at first, but the only clash was with the clientele of the "Wicked Grounds" bondage coffee shop next door. Only in SF! Beer rescue runs were required several times, old vinyl was spun with reckless abandon, and everyone had a great time. Not even a single exhibit was knocked over. These city folk know how to party!

All pics here

More flikr album courtesy of an attendeehere:

Vor's 62 Pre-unit and his art

Chicago testing the beer tap:


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Unfinished motorcycle project / art show

Here it is! Downtown San Francisco, Feb 19th. It's a Cycle/Art show for unFinished projects. Submissions filled fast for rolling art, but you may get something on canvas in the show if you're quick to dial. Arranged by our brother Vorhese, the opening will be a fun little get-together for the riding public. Spread the word, but most of all, show up and say hi to your friendly neighborhood Throwbacks!

More details here

Troop's Birthday Ride -- Report

Had a great turn out and some fantastic weather to celebrate Troop's birthday on Saturday. 30+ of the worst ne'er-do-wells to ever lay tire to tarmac turned out for an 80 mile jaunt through the foothills.

Miles were lain, beers were sipped, and one friend "Mittens" went down and earned himself a nickname. Recovering with minor damage to self and major damage to cycle, Mittens will ride again soon. It was a good day, with everyone counting their blessings by the end. Throwbacks thank everyone who made it out to Grass Valley or supported someone to do so. We'll do it all again soon.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Troop's Birthday Ride

This Saturday, 5th February meet at 10am (departing at 10:30 sharp!) Paco's Tacos 550 Mill Street Grass Valley, CA.

A quick chopper jaunt into the foothills, celebrating freedom and friends (and warm winter weather). Ride your scoot on a three hour tour. Meet at Paco's Tacos Grass Valley at 10 am, we'll finish there too if you want some grub.