Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vor's Unfinished Projects Show

Vorhese threw his first Unfinished Projects show last Saturday in the wet and wild city of San Francisco. Throwbacks had a blast, Joe public had a blast. While it rained all day, GalleryMoto SF was high and dry on the second floor. Turn out was massive, packing the gallery and bringing together the sleazy greasy old bike set alongside the highbrow art and fashion set. Not a natural mix at first, but the only clash was with the clientele of the "Wicked Grounds" bondage coffee shop next door. Only in SF! Beer rescue runs were required several times, old vinyl was spun with reckless abandon, and everyone had a great time. Not even a single exhibit was knocked over. These city folk know how to party!

All pics here

More flikr album courtesy of an attendeehere:

Vor's 62 Pre-unit and his art

Chicago testing the beer tap:


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