Friday, July 16, 2010

GV Roll-in 2010

So this year's GV Roll-in is shaping up to be killer. Most have their plans together and will begin the festivities at 11am Saturday at Foothill Custom Cycle, Grass Valley Ave., Grass Valley, CA. Get out of the heat and ride up to the real Gold Country.

The GV "Roll-out" will get you back to I-80 on Sunday morning while showcasing a few miles of great gold country backroads. Put your ear to the ground on Saturday night for details. I heard some guy on a black Triumph is organizing it. Check the route here:

View GV Roll out in a larger map


  1. Wish I saw this b4 the ride. Looks like a better deal than the way we went to get back to the 80.

  2. Yeah, it's a fun route, doesn't add too much time. Ended up jamming out early to grab some grub and never rousted the whole gang out of their sleep sacks to join. Maybe next year...