Monday, July 26, 2010

What it's all about...

My wife's grandfater on the far left and a couple of his riding buddies. The guy on the far right was killed about a month after this photo was taken and the kat in the center sold his bike after that. My Gpa in-law rode up to about 10 or so years ago. One hell of a man.
A cool shot from Freemont Dragstrip @ 67. A bike built by my uncle in his basement. He used a plumbob and the floor joyces to lay out the frame on the basement floor. The rider is Dave Schwerma?? the writing on the photo has faded. According to my uncle the bike/rider broke more than a couple of records at that track. I'd kill to have that helmet!

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  1. Doug Schwerma who went on to form his company Champion race frames. I worked for Doug for a short time. Who was your Uncle?