Sunday, September 12, 2010

Johnny Chop revisited

Some of you may have joined the discussion over on chopcult concerning charlatans that would find themselves shallow enough to plagiarize his name, here's some video of the late "Johnny Chop" Vasko back in 2006 riding his latest creation "True Blue" to Sturgis for break-in. While there may be those out the attempting to do their own, un-original thing and try to cash in on his name, realize there is only one true "Johny Chop", a real original. This is but a snippet of the man. Enjoy:


  1. I havent looked for their profiles on facebook yet since it was reported that they disappeared. Just hope they decided to change the name. Probably making some good cash on JC's logo on the shirts even if they couldnt sell any of those fugly bikes.

  2. Tell me about it. I never got a chance to meet him myself, but I think I get the drift of his legacy. Or at least I hope I do. Thanks Chris.