Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Throwbacks Thursday Season Closer, 2010

So this week will hark the closing of this year's newest upstart, the monthly gathering known locally as the TT. We've had fun, and gotten to know a lot of you over these summer months. Now it's time to hole up the in the heated crypt and knock out some new creations, or at least tweak what we've already been motoring about on.

Make it a point to meet up, 5-8pm or as long as you can muster. We don't want your money, and we're not a swap meet, but you just might find someone interested in your heap. Grab a taco, meet us and see a righteous machine or 20. Enjoy the DJ, bring your family. We don't bite. We'll be here Thursday, 21st October. Hope you will, too.

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