Monday, March 12, 2012

Throwbacks *Friday* Season Opener 2012

The Season Opener of Throwback's Thursday *Friday* , the foothill's premier vintage custom monthly get-together is right around the corner on Friday the 13th of April, 5-9pm. Get your project finished and on the road for the inaugural of this year's monthly ride-in.

In tradition established over generations, Throwbacks once again are hosting a monthly ride-in for vintage choppers and show-and-go customs at Paco's Tacos, 550 Mill Street, Grass Valley, CA

Gathering killer cycles and their bodacious riders from all over NorCal, this family friendly event features killer grub and period tunes. Better yet: No fees, no attitudes, just plain old fun and FREEdom on two wheels. Tell your friends, and we'll see your ugly mug on Friday night!


  1. Hey, you guys mind if I pass this info along on my blog? We recently moved to the area. I don't think anyone really frequents my spot, but what the hell.


  2. Hey, Bryan, it's been awhile since we met at Gabe's Halloween ride a couple years ago. I see yours and Sky's bikes on your blog front. Where are you these days?

  3. Hey Jared! We moved to Penn Valley about 6-7 months ago. Love this area. Killer roads everywhere you go!

  4. Bummer you missed the best hair ride a couple Sundays ago. We toured some of them. Stay tuned for A. Good weather and B. more rides thrown!