Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Throwbacks Wrench Party - Day 2


All 3 of us woke up feeling like we ate bad sushi and eggs the night before. The pancakes Pops made us helped a little. But pretty much the whole day was spent feeling nauseous and uneasy. It ain't easy being green.

Vorhese sporting matching pjs.

After an eternity of getting the 18" wheel together and another bitter struggle assembling the forks we had a roller.

Troop reassembled and modified the drive line to get all the spacing right.

So we had a roller

With all our painstaking attention to detail, a second opinion and advice was required on a couple things. It also gave us a chance to pay a visit. We loaded up the truck to see local guru Robert Cohelan.

Robert has been there, done that, seen it all: British, American, Italian, German, etc. of pretty much any vintage. he rides and maintains a breathtaking example of the John Player Norton, one of the great original Big Tobacco sponsored repli racers of all time. We caught up with Robert while he was working on Travis' '51 Triumph Thunderbird show-and-go custom.

Advice given. Advice taken. No fees, no heartache. We headed back to Pops' garage and started working on the seat. Pops made some new bungs while I made a new front pivot bracket. Troop was working on tearing apart the transmission.

The seat was mounted. And we called it a night.


  1. Hey guys looking good there with fab work team effort. That's how things get done with the help of friends. Throw a wet canvas over the motor next time before welding to minimize splatter marks.

  2. I hear you there. Motor's not been touched yet, so the risk is minimal. Some say opinion are like a$$holes, but I don't mind hearing from others.