Thursday, January 27, 2011

Throwbacks Wrench Party - Day 3


It was just Vorhese and Pops for a bit. After some breakfast, we hit the garage and started setting up the day's fabrication. Doug decided to head up from the Bay to help out.

Gratuitous spark shot

Troop showed up so it was 4 of us working. We spent quite a while cleaning up the fender, Pops welded up the foot brake brackets, Doug and Pops worked on the front brake stay, and Troop continued to work on motor parts and modified the seat, making his preliminary parts list of all things Triumph.

We got the fender mostly mounted before Vorhese had to pack up and head home.

So Vorhese's preunit was left there. He'll be heading back in another week to finish things up. Pops took the hard tail in and TIG welded all the brackets, those weld porn shots posted earlier. It couldn't have been done without the support and love of the Throwbacks. The combined knowledge, skills, penchant for nonsense, dubiousness, hospitality, and comaradery makes it a blast to do what we do.

Too see all the photos...

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