Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Troop's Ride to Born Free -- Photos

Here's an assemblage of photos from my favorite Southbound Sidekicks. As you can see they're much more talented photographers than I!

First is Cris, who rides a killer chopped up Evo Sportster like a madman ninja.

Click any photo for a larger version, if you dare...

At the campsite in Big Sur, which we couldn't even see until the next morning. Who knew there was a river right there?!

And finally, at the show:

Billy's killer Triumph. Look at that paint!!!


  1. Beardtastic! And pony-tail-tastic!

  2. Didn't you know? Ponytails are the new beards!

  3. Good thing I have a pony tail! Shouldn't admit it, yet had a mullet once :-( Silly me!
    Now, I'm sooooo pissed I didn't go! I'm a jealuous mofo! Looked like lots o fun!! It's not about the destination, yet the journey. Both looked to be full of surprises.

  4. We'll do it again next year, sans breakdown. Keep your ear to the rails and be a part of it in a big way!

  5. Man that looks like some fun!

  6. It was, except the breaking down part. Well, actually, that was fun too. I got to meet some real standup dudes who helped me out, no questions asked. There's nothing like the brotherhood old bikes brings out! I'd do it all over again, anyday.