Sunday, June 19, 2011

Troop's Ride to Born Free

Finalizing all the preparations for departure Thursday. Test ran the load with freeway gearing out to Elk Grove and everything's copacetic at speed on the freeways. No leaks, no oil consumption, no shakes or shimmies. All important considerations on a 45 year old machine loaded for bear.

All that remains is to finalize the packing list and toolset and we're ready to rock out on the open road, departing Thursday at noon from Grass Valley.

Want to have a part in the success of the journey, and support Throwbacks representation at the largest vintage chopper show in the world? Contributions can be sent via paypal to or email for the mailing address. Donations at $25 or more get a free Throwbacks t-shirt!


  1. Good luck. Have fun. Ride safe.
    My new shirt rocks!
    Foo-E aka Aaron

  2. Alright Foo-E, thanks for your support!