Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Troop's Ride to Born Free -- Report

So finally made it back to Grass Valley, after an adventure I'll never forget. I highly recommend attending Born Free in any capacity possible. It truly was an overwhelming experience to be at the show and soak it all in. Honestly it was too much for a single day.

Departed my home at about 11am Thursday morning, rode out to Vacaville to meet Cris who decided to join me just hours before. What a soldier!

Cris and I jammed out to Santa Cruz to meet the Clutch Monkey Crew: Foo Man Lou, Jenna and Smokey Shane. We grabbed a slice at Santa Cruz's famous "Pizza My Heart", dodged being overcharged for beers, and were later joined by Too Late Timmy for the midnight ride to Big Sur.

Rolled into camp at about 10pm after jamming some serious twisties on Hwy 1 in the mist. What a ride! Didn't feel bad at all blasting into camp and rousting the nieghbors, we barely survived! We couldn't get Too Late Timmy out of his blanket, so we headed out for breakfast without him.

The roads were fantastic, a couple construction areas forced us into a single lane. The road was clear through the landslide area from a week ago, so we had no trouble hitting the twisties and having a ball on the coast road.

Then it went bad. Just after a gas stop in Cambria, at about 70mph on Hwy 1 the 66 6T failed me. Completely losing power, I coasted to the shoulder and feverishly tore into it to fix the electrical issue. After an hour of troubleshooting, we gave up and called in the reinforcements: Jenna and her Carolla! Who knew a little 4 banger jap car could haul a trailer with such vigor! Just don't ask it to stop.

The car got me and my machine all the way to our destination, and I decided that at the show I would recruit the help I would need to find the problem and fix it.

Stay tuned for an actual show report, coming soon!

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